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Confinement Loaf is dedicated to the advancement of experimental thoughts and ideals. It is an approach to conceptual art and music in the impertinent heritage of Fluxus and Dadaism. The resulting artistic actions include, but are not limited to...


Confinement Loaf, the legendary Metal/ Psychedelic radio show, enters its second decade as the podcast Confinement Loaf X. Loaf X is a collaboration of the Loafers and Dev., whose new and improved recipe is produced in two secret locations, and always baked fresh into one Confinement Loaf X, the bread for your head. Now available anytime on Mixcloud.


teleg. is an experimental music project concerned with the codes of sound and communication. The lyrics, all in Morse code from two homemade telegraphs, are supported by compositions and live sound effects -- the sounds of the telegraph operator fused with the musical contrivances of the Foley artist. All tracks are recorded live on reel to reel and are currently released on Surrism Phonoethics and SadoDaMascus Records.


Our audio zines are handmade cassette tape releases of live shows and in person interviews with underground musicians including: The Accused, Aranya, The Atlas Moth, Black Queen, Castle, Coalesce, Embers, Eolian Empire, Kylesa, Nasalrod, Rabbits, Rosetta, Saint Vitus, Stochastic Mettle Union, Taurus, Thou, Wende, Scott "Wino" Weinrich and many, many more. Some other interviews published in print : Black Cobra, Mastodon, Red Fang, and Yob.


Our projects feature live experimental collaborations between musicians and culture.


Here you can see drawings of live music shows made at live music shows. Ink on typing paper.


A tale of a world controlled by the conditions of our contrivances where humanity, machines and magic vie for the illusions of power. Nine musicians, with backgrounds in metal, experimental and classical will perform from an open form score written for: sound generators, percussion, field recordings, keyboard, voice and live video projection.